Part 3

As soon as the leading car stopped moving, Johnny climbed out and walked over to Sam, standing at the bottom of the steps leading up to the front door of the house.

"Everything alright?" Johnny asked.

"Yes, fine. Mission accomplished." She shrugged, "There is one loose end though - Jason Masur - he escaped."

"Right, first things first." Johnny nodded to where Control, Robert and Mickey were standing. "I need to get our associates away from here. I got Pompous Percy, the minister, to arrange for a press blackout, but that won't last forever. After your fireworks, they'll get wind of this and be all over us. You know what they are like when they find out about loud bangs."

"Do you need me to stay?"

"It would make the clean up faster." Johnny looked around him, "You and our friends seem to have caused a fair amount of mess. I'll need at least an interim verbal report so that I can answer any awkward questions from upstairs."

Sam thought it through, "If the three of them take the Range Rover, they can drive back to the hotel without any fanfare and I can take care of the details now."

"Fine. But let McCall and Kostmayer go first. From the way he looks, I think Control should see a doctor." When Sam nodded agreement, he added, "Perhaps you can drive him back later?"

She thought, Oh wonderful! no sleep for me just yet! But said, "No problem, Sir."

Johnny waved at a man dressed in coveralls. When he got close enough Sam recognised him, "Morning, Joe."

He grinned at her, "Morning, Sam. Been causing more mess for me to clear up then?"

Sam eased the kinks in her shoulders and smiled at him. "You could say that. There are nine bodies in the house and three in the grounds." She'd met Joe for the first time around five years ago when she had spent some time working with his clean up squad. Since then his and Sam's path had crossed a number of times and they were good friends.

Joe nodded at the crossbow, "I'll spot your handiwork I take it?"

"Come on. Let me put the rifle and bow away and I'll help you find them." She looked to Johnny for permission to go. When he nodded his agreement. Sam then turned her full attention to Joe. "The sooner we get this cleared up the sooner I can get some sleep. I’ve been up all night and I’m knackered."

Sam carried the rifle and crossbow over to the Range Rover, and she had just finished locking them in the secure compartment in the boot when Robert and Mickey walked over.

"Ah Sam." Robert leant against the tailgate of the four-wheel drive. "Stevens told me to drive Mickey and myself back to the hotel. He is going to get your doctor to take a look at Control."

Sam nodded and handed him her keys, "Yes, he told me. I'll scrounge a car and drive Control back later." She looked over at Mickey where he waited behind Robert and once more the force of her lust for him hit her like a physical blow.

Careful Sam or you'll lose it completely.

"Will you be at the hotel later?" Robert's words interrupted wonderful visions of her and Mickey... together. "I wondered if the four of us could have dinner."

Sam steadied herself. "I'd like that. I'll be at the hotel until tomorrow at least, I still have to collect my gear." Sam looked at Joe waiting patiently. "Sorry, I have to go help with the clean up. I'll meet you all later." Sam smiled at Robert and gave the slightest good-bye look at Mickey. She felt a little embarrassed that she had let her thoughts wander so far.

It was midday when Sam finally got Control back to the hotel. There had been a small problem when the hotel didn't have any more rooms but that had been solved when Control had agreed to share with McCall and Mickey. The older man had seemed none the worse for his ordeal as he had even made a joke about ordering Kostmayer to sleep on the floor while he took the bed!

Showing him to room 214, Sam went next door, shedding her equipment and clothes in the time it took her to get from the door to the bed. Tucking her automatic under her pillow and clad only her bra and panties, she crawled into bed, planning to sleep for a long time.

She woke to the sound of someone knocking at the door. It was already dark outside the window and when she looked at her clock it said twenty to six. She shook her head to clear it; she didn’t feel as if she had slept for more than five hours; the afternoon had slipped away.

The insistent knocking didn't stop so, cursing quietly to herself, she pulled on her robe and went to the door.

"Who's there?" She called out.

"It's me, Mickey."

Shit! Why does he have to be here now? I look a mess! She tried to smooth out her hair quickly but gave up with a sigh and opened the door knowing it had come loose from its plait and was sticking out at all angles.

The second she opened the door she saw that he, on the other hand, looked gorgeous. His hair was damp as if he had just stepped out of the shower, and he had his hands stuffed into the pockets of crisp khaki trousers. He was wearing a white shirt which set off his tan and the colour of his hazel eyes perfectly.

Covering her mouth to hide an unexpected, huge yawn, she stood back to let him into her room. As she followed him, closing the door, she saw her clothes scattered all over the room where she had let them drop, and shook her head. He probably thinks I’m a slob.

He cleared his throat and she came back to the present with a bump. "Sorry. What can I do for you?" To her chagrin, her sleep filled voice came out sounding smoky and sexy. Suddenly realising the double meaning to her words, she felt herself flush with embarrassment.

A flash of humour and a brief smile brightened his face. He had caught on to the double meaning too.

"McCall's booked a table for seven o'clock." His voice grew softer, more caressing and she shivered. "Is that okay with you?"

"It's fine." There was enough time to get herself presentable. She tried for a businesslike tone. "I'll get ready and meet you downstairs at seven."

Mickey smiled and his expression was so contagious that Sam couldn’t help but smile back at him as she closed the door. Then she leant back against it for a moment, trying to sort out her feelings.

No one had affected her like this before.

Standing in the shower, Sam tried to decide what she wanted to happen later on. Did she ignore her very real attraction to Mickey and go to bed alone or did she let him know she wanted to spend the night with him? He wouldn’t turn her down – the way he had looked at her earlier had told her that.

Undecided at first, she washed, rubbing a soapy sponge over her body. Remembering other lonely nights when she had resorted to pleasuring herself and she recalled how it had felt to have his body pressed hard against hers in the dark hallway in the club. Remembering the sensation of his lips on hers her other hand slipped lower.

Sam couldn’t think of the last time she had wanted someone so badly. Her clitoris was slick with her juices and her fingers moved lightly over it creating a delicious friction. As she moved her fingers faster, she imagined that the fingers sliding between her clitoris and vagina were his and not her own. Moaning softly, orgasm overtook her, as the warm water continued to play over her body .

As good as it felt now, she still ached for his touch.

By the time she climbed out of the shower her mind was made up. She was going to ‘go for it’. Why not? There would be no complications because by lunchtime tomorrow he would have left the country.

Her decision made, Sam thought about her outfit. Wanting to excite and seduce him and remembering how he had enjoyed looking at her legs on the first day, she selected a short black skirt, black tights and the same black high heels she had worn to visit Walker’s club. Knowing he was bound to notice, and feeling very wicked, she chose a turquoise silk blouse with nothing underneath.

Searching through her toilet bag she found some condoms that she kept there for emergencies. Mickey would probably be carrying some but she didn’t want to take any chances. She slipped the foil packets into a drawer of her beside table.

Sam walked down the stairs, taking her time and enjoying the sensation as the smooth fabric of her shirt rubbed against her sensitive nipples. By the time she got to the dining room, anticipation had put her in such a state of arousal that she wasn’t sure how she would make it through dinner without attacking him.

The image of her and Mickey screwing on the table while Robert and Control continued to eat, popped into her head and she nearly lost her footing. Jesus Sam, you've really lost it now, haven't you?

It was just a little after seven and she could see that the three men were already in the restaurant. Robert saw her first and stood to greet her. Pleased and a little embarrassed when they all stood up, she took her seat quickly. She didn’t usually like that sort of gallantry, but tonight it felt wonderful.

The food was good and the company better. During the long dinner she listened in amazement to some of the anecdotes that Robert told of his many adventures. Sam quickly understood the long and enduring friendship between the three men. She also discovered that she deeply envied Mickey his familiarity with Robert. What had apparently begun as a pupil/mentor relationship had turned into something much closer.

Her rapport with Johnny was good and she knew that he was grooming her to be his eventual replacement, but it went no further than that. Sam couldn't imagine being able to tease or make fun of him the way that Mickey did to Robert.

Sam checked her watch. It was late. The wine had flowed freely throughout the meal and now Control was using cutlery, salt and pepper pots and an empty wine bottle to stage a re-enactment of a mission that he and Robert had carried out in Eastern Europe years ago.

As she listened to Control, she glanced over at Mickey and couldn’t take her eyes off him. The candles on the table softened his face emphasising his wonderfully long lashes. His eyes seemed to go from grey to green to hazel, changing from moment to moment. He was totally involved in the story and, she was pleased to notice, completely unaware of her scrutiny. As he moved some of Control's troops around, Sam let her gaze move to his hands. They were strong with tapered long fingers, imagining them stroking and caressing her she felt a familiar prickling sensation in her nipples. Her face flushed and she knew her excitement would be clearly visible.

Mickey looked up suddenly and their eyes met. She saw his gaze drop to her chest for a moment and her nipples grew even harder, straining against the fabric of her shirt and aching for his touch. His look was frank and Sam felt herself drowning in his eyes.

Fortunately, before she melted into a puddle of desire, the restaurant manger created a distraction. Anxious to close the dining room for the night, he asked if they would mind going into the bar.

"How about a night-cap?" Robert suggested and Sam saw Control nod in agreement.

When they walked into the crowded bar, Sam spotted one empty table with two chairs near the back, "Why don't you and Control take those seats while I get the drinks?" Without waiting she went on, "What can I get you?"

Mickey's voice came from close by her ear, "Do you want some company?"

Sam turned to face him; all at once she found it difficult to speak. Her mouth felt dry. On the other hand she knew that her panties were soaked. "I'd like that a lot." They were both talking about a lot more than the drinks.

Standing at the bar, waiting for the beleaguered barman to bring her order, Sam turned to face Mickey. Trying to keep the quiver of excitement out of her voice she said, "I hear your room's full and you have to sleep on the floor tonight."

He shrugged, "Yeah, well it won't be the first time. Because of a conference they're holding here the hotel didn't have any more rooms. And since we're due to leave tomorrow I offered Control my bed." He laughed, "But I only offered after he promised me the vacation time I'm due."

Haltingly, because she had never propositioned anyone quite so blatantly before, she said, "I've got a double bed."

"I know;" Their eyes met and his look made her stomach twist with excitement. "I saw it earlier."

"Well, I was thinking." She inhaled deeply, smelling the bite of his aftershave, with a hint of the more animal scent below it. "You could share with me if you wanted." She held her breath waiting for his answer.

Mickey's moved closer, resting his hip against hers. The touch of his body on hers sent electric jolts straight through her and Sam felt her knees go weak, "I'd like that."

Sam let out the breath she had been holding.

The drinks arrived and Sam looked over at the two older men; they were engrossed in their conversation. "Wait here a minute while I take these drinks over to them."

Carrying only two drinks to the table, she was aware of his eyes following her movements. Telling the older men that they would be standing at the bar, she returned and stood facing Mickey.

He curled an arm around her waist and pulled her close. Their eyes met, unspoken messages of urgency and desire flashed between them and they finished their drinks quickly and started for the exit.

Sam saw Robert and Control watching them and raised her hand to wish them a good night. Robert smiled and raised his glass in a toast.

Aware of Mickey following her, Sam climbed the stairs quickly. When they reached her room, she unlocked the door, fumbling with the key in her haste. The door swung open and they had barely crossed the threshold before they were locked in an urgent embrace.

Breathing heavily, Sam tried to pull away for a moment, "Do you have any...?"

Between kisses he said, "Sure.... One of McCall's... sayings is.... 'a good agent is always prepared.'"

"I thought..."

He fastened his teeth on her ear lobe and tugged gently, making her gasp.

She had trouble thinking. " was..."

Now his tongue was in her ear and she moaned softly.

"...Boy Scouts?" She finally got out.

His hand found her breast and he caressed it through her shirt. "Never been a Boy Scout."


Sam felt his hands skim over her collar bones and down to the neck of her shirt. She watched, spellbound as he undid the buttons one at a time. He pulled the shirt open, exposing her breasts and she saw approval in his gaze.

"I wanted to do this all through dinner," His voice was low and sexy. He lowered his head, tracing around one erect nipple with his tongue. When he shifted to the other breast, sucking hard, she slumped against the wall, her mind overwhelmed with the sensuality of his touch.

"Don't stop."

"Don't worry I won't." He grinned at her before covering her mouth with his.

Sam put her arms around his neck, tangling her fingers in his hair. He thrust his knee in between her legs and, lost in a powerful primal need, she rubbed herself against him, feeling the rough fabric chafe her inner thighs. It felt so good!

He pulled away, took a foil packet from his pocket and gave it to her. Then, as she watched, he stripped off his clothes.

Desperate to have him inside her, she kicked off her shoes and holding the condom packet in her teeth, peeled off her tights and panties. She left everything else on – the thought of being semi-naked made her feel deliciously naughty. Sam licked her lips in anticipation when she saw his muscular torso and thick, erect cock.

Moving closer to him, she ripped open the condom. She stroked him lightly, letting her fingers move slowly over the velvety soft skin, at the same time feeling the wonderful strength beneath. Taking her time, she rolled the condom down over his cock. The mere thought of being impaled on his hardness was intoxicating and she could feel moisture already running down her thighs.

He slid her skirt up over her hips and closed the space between them so that she felt him pressed, rock hard, against her stomach. As he pulled her even closer, her nipples pressed, almost painfully, into the warm, smooth skin of his chest.

"Do it now, Mickey." She sighed.

The look of pure lust on his face took her breath away and she was barely able to answer when he asked, "How?"

She lifted herself on her toes, curled one leg over his hip and threw her arms around his neck. His hipbones rubbed against the inside of her thigh. "Like this. Like in the hallway at the club."

Sliding his hands round behind her, he lifted her off the floor. He entered her the moment she spread her legs, wrapping them around him and clasping her ankles at his back. For a heartbeat, their gaze met and Sam felt a deep seated hunger spiral throughout her body. He pushed her back against the wall and she gasped in ecstasy as he moved deeper and her body stretched to accommodate him.

Mickey thrust into her, varying the force and depth of his strokes. Her breath came in short painful gasps as sweat from their exertions blossomed over their bodies and they went at it, with little desire for finesse. Overwhelmed, she tried to hold back, to delay her release – the sensations were so exquisite. But finally, unable to hold on any longer, she allowed her orgasm to take her.

Her head was full of the roaring of her own heartbeat, as she shuddered and bucked against him. When Mickey came, moaning with pleasure, his explosive climax caused her to come again – something that had never happened to her before.

Drained, Sam collapsed against him, letting her head rest on his shoulder. They stayed locked together for what seemed like an age before he put her down, allowing her to find her feet before he released her. Dazed and unable to focus on anything but the feelings coursing through her, she let him finish undressing her.

His touch was intoxicating. She leaned forward, kissed him and nuzzled his ear. "You're good at this."

His wicked leer made Sam catch her breath. "You liked it then?" He murmured.

Sam tried to act coy but it wasn't something that came naturally. She lifted her chin and looked down her nose at him. "Maybe." She tried, without success, to stop the grin that was plastering itself over her face.

"Only maybe?" He laughed, "You sounded as though you enjoyed it."

Sam kissed him again, sliding her hand down over his chest and stomach until she reached his now flaccid penis. When she ran her finger along its length it reacted, beginning to harden almost at once. "Shall we try it again, just to be sure?"

In one movement, Mickey scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. "Yeah, I think we'd better. I'd hate for you not to be sure."

Mickey woke and for a fraction of a second he was unsure where he was. Then, seeing the soft light filtering through the window, it came back to him in a rush; he was in Sam's hotel room. They had shared a night of boisterous sex and soft conversation.

Sometime during the night he had mentioned that he didn't have to report in for another seven days and she had explained that she still had some time before she had to go back to work. Then she had suggested that they spend some time together.

Not sure why, he had agreed.

In the dim light, he watched her sleep. She was beautiful, her features were fine and delicate and she had a figure that any woman would envy. Mickey could only guess at how hard she worked to keep fit.

She was also a damn good agent as, sensing him watching her, she opened her eyes. Her smile lit the room and Mickey found himself reacting to her again. She only struggled half-heartedly as he rolled over, straddling her and pinning her down. It seemed to him that she didn't want to escape.

Holding her hands on either side of her head, he teased her, nipping at her earlobe before tonguing down the side of her neck to the hollow of her collarbone. Her skin tasted wonderful.

Stretching his arms, to keep her hands still, he placed kisses in the valley between her breasts. Using just the tip of his tongue he traced the outline of the darker area around one nipple. After a few more licks he turned his attention to the other breast. When he took her firm, ripe nipple into his mouth and sucked, she moaned and writhed against him. Aroused by her cries of pleasure and her sensuous movements he hardened. She tried to move then but he exerted a little more force and held her still, prolonging her anticipation.

"Mickey, " she groaned. "I want you again..."

He laughed unable to control his satisfaction. Mission accomplished!

"I need to feel you inside me..." she whispered.

He ignored his body's urgent reaction to her words and her pleas, instead he moved his head and sucked harder, desperate to fill her with desire, until the breath caught in her throat and she moaned loudly.

"Please... You're driving me crazy..." The tone of her voice changed a little taking on a harsher undertone, "I mean it, Mickey. Do it now."

He wasn't surprised when Sam twisted, freeing herself and reversing their positions. She sat over him and rubbed herself against him, a self-satisfied smile on her lovely face. He could feel how wet she was but he resisted the temptation to lose himself in her beautiful body for a little longer. Laughing, he countered her move, and dumped her back onto the bed, pinning her beneath him once more. Mickey knew he was undoubtedly the stronger, but happily, he could tell that Sam wouldn't have any compunction about fighting dirty.

After an enjoyable wrestling bout, Mickey was just reaching for a condom when there was a loud knocking on the door.

He groaned loudly, "That's got to be McCall, he has a sixth sense when it comes to disrupting my sex life." Looking down at the woman lying under him, Mickey saw a glint of mischief in her eyes.

"So, let's ignore him, he might go away." Sam’s dark hair was spilled over the pillow and she looked so desirable that he almost agreed. He bent to kiss her, before he remembered who was at the door.

"McCall won't. He's like a Rottweiler when he gets his teeth into something. " He muttered under his breath, "I'll go see what he wants."

He got up, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped it around his waist fighting to cover his insistent erection before he opened the door. He stood behind it, keeping his lower body hidden. As he had expected, McCall was standing there, showered and smartly dressed, hardly looking any the worse for wear after the previous night’s drinking. His and Mickey's bags were at his feet.

"Not dressed yet?" Robert had one eyebrow lifted with a McCall prissy expression on his face. "Come on Mickey, you'll miss the plane."

The bulge at the front of his towel having subsided a little, Mickey leaned his shoulder against the door and closed his eyes for a moment, "Didn't Control tell you? He promised me a week's vacation."

Robert looked puzzled, "A week? No, he didn't. At least I don't think so."

"Don't forget Robert, when you dragged me into this thing, I'd only been back from Beirut for three hours."

"It must have slipped my mind."

Mickey let his own annoyance show but then he thought he saw an amused look brush almost over McCall’s face. "It usually does when you need a favour."

Mickey heard movement behind him as Sam came to stand beside him, resting her hand on his shoulder. She had covered herself with her robe. "I'm staying for a few more days. Sam and I are going to spend some time together." Mickey glanced at her and was struck again by how she just oozed sex appeal. She was turning him on just standing there.

Suddenly aware that Robert had said something, Mickey dragged himself back from a very enjoyable daydream. "What was that?"

This time failing to hide his smile, Robert cleared his throat and spoke very clearly. "I said, Control must be mellowing in his old age."

"Yeah, right." Mickey answered vaguely, his mind still centred on the action happening below his waist.

"I'm sorry I disturbed you both. I'll see you in a week then?" He passed Mickey his bag and looked over his shoulder at Sam "Goodbye Sam, it has been a pleasure to work with you." He pushed Mickey to the side and bent to kiss her cheek. "Thank you for all your help."

"Goodbye, Robert. Have a good flight."

Smiling, Robert gave a little wave goodbye before turning towards the stairs.

"See ya." Mickey called out. Without waiting for a reply, he closed the door and turned to the woman beside him, "Now, where were we?"

Sam's look promised much, as she opened her robe and let it slip off her shoulders. She reached for his towel, her hands once more busy, "Right about here, I think."

"It's lucky your memory is so good." Mickey whispered in her ear. "I would've needed to go back to the beginning again."

Sam just smiled.

Chapter 4