Dark Musings by Dark Lady
Vignettes looking at the darker side of the Equalizer universe

Brooklyn Pass
Ever wondered just why Mickey Kostmayer joined the Navy?

An early assignment for the man who would become Control.

The Special
In the aftermath of his father's murder by Randall Payne, it took the knowledge of greater suffering than his own to bring Robert back to his senses.

Fortunately, Harley Gage has never been one to think too closely about the morality of an assignment.

Never Been Bumped
Dedicated To The Foolish and the Few, who insist that Mickey and Sydney didnít sleep together that time in "Bump and Run.

Dangereux Amour
Yvette had a new man in her life but would her father or godfather approve?

Extra Credit
When Lettie's sons told Robert she was in trouble, he had to help her - didn't he?

Getting To Know You
Alice Shepherd was a professional but she had forgotten that 'all cats are gray in the dark'

Quick Study
Pete O'Phelan had been an agent for the Company and could look after herself - or could she?

Was it really working with Astiz in South America that convinced McCall to quit the Company?

What really happened in Bucharest in 1982, in the time before Serena was taken and killed by the KGB?

When McCall accuses him of being unprofessional with Sydney, Mickey isn't exactly thrilled about it.

Control and Susan spent five glorious days together in Pamplona and then she left him. Have you ever wondered why?

High Time
Jason finally overreaches himself

Out of Control
There is a side to his friendship with Control that even Robert McCall doesn't know about.

Small Conscience
How will Robert handle the situation when Teresa re-appears in his life a year after No Conscience?

Target #3
Ever wondered what happened to Mickey between being knocked out by the chemical bullets and when he ended up in the tank?

Time Present: Time Past: 
Time Future I

Scott discovers that his 'first kill' leads to fundamental changes in his outlook on life and a deeper understanding of his father.

Time Present: Time Past: Time Future II
How does Scott explain to Mickey why he was prowling the city streets in the middle of the night?

Time Present: Time Past: 
Time Future III

Will a week at a combat training camp solve Scott's problems?

To Love That Well
Control seems to have met the perfect woman

When Harley Gage seeks revenge on Richard Dyson for his wrongful imprisonment, they make a deal.

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