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Dreams Can Become Reality
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three
Chapter Four
| Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven
Robert had rarely had such a pleasant dream but that was all it was, a dream - wasn't it?

The New Partner
When Control sent someone to work with him, not even Robert McCall could foresee the outcome

Day Six
Erin is still employed by the Company... 
...and duty calls

Erin's place in Robert's life leads to complications with his oldest friends

A Temporary Calm 
Another case for the Equalizer and friends

It was going to be Erin's final mission for Control...

A  Ghost from the Past 
This story takes place a year after Requiem

When Mickey is captured on a mission, Control asks Erin to help find him...

Death Revisited 
Romanov reappears in the life of the Equalizer

Robert's recovery from Erin's  death is helped by an old friend

Assistant Control 
A new story featuring Control and his new assistant

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