Prophecy, Destiny & Design
Disclaimer: I don't make the toys, I'm only playing with them.  No money made nor disrespect intended.  This work is the sole property of the author.

Pairing: Complicated - Many combinations
Rating: R - NC 17 for slash, angst, sex, weirdness and violence

Viggo Mortensen is a Watcher. He’s a member of the Brotherhood of Hiram, a secret organization with a very strong interest in Elijah Wood. Viggo is not only playing Aragorn, but he’s keeping a close, protective eye on Elijah. However, what he notices is that another cast member, Orlando Bloom, seems to be far more, and far less than he appears. Orli is pretty much a blank canvas, unless he’s around other people, and then he becomes whatever they expect or want of him, up to and including a sex toy.

There’s a potentially disastrous accident on set as Dominic Monaghan slips from a height. Orli manages to break his fall, resulting in a trip to see Brooke, the medic, who finds that he has strange scars on his body. Viggo reveals himself to Orli in an attempt to figure out if he is a threat to Elijah, and finds that Orli thinks he’s come to kill him, or to take him ‘back.’ But  back to where?


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