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Tales of Ann and Robert

Act 1- Life in the Big City (5 parts)
Robert McCall helps a woman who discovers that even in the ultra-modern world of computer technology, some very old-fashioned dangers lurk, and that money is no protection against bullets

Act 2 - Interlude I (2 parts)
Two cautious people, taking an incautious step, come what may. 
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Act 3 - The People You Meet When You Play The Blues (3 parts)
In the big city, people can get lost in the shadows.  Luckily, someone is willing to get his feet dirty to go searching


Act 4 - If You Knew the Truth (2 parts)
When you hide from your horrors they only become stronger.  Fighting may defeat them, but the cost might not be worth the victory


Act 5 - A Night in the Life (4 parts)
Respectable people feel safe from life's dangers.  When the danger strikes close to home though, respectability can get in the way


Act 6 - Interlude II (1 part)
Christmas Eve, taking the chance that the future is worth seizing


Act 7 - The Price of Unfinished Business (6 parts + epilogue)
Enemies, like elephants, have very long memories.  And the sins of youth can see you just as dead


Act 8 - A Wedding in New York (3 parts)
No-one's shooting, but that doesn't mean the day is any easier to get through


Act 9 - Lost Futures Remembered (1 part)
The saddest words - What might have been


Act 10 - True Faces  (8 parts)
Just when you think you know someone ...



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