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Entry: 1957 - Something big happened

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There have been several theories put forth concerning 1957 and what its significance was toward the show. 
These are outlined below.


The Russians put Sputnik in space on October 14, 1957.

The launch of Sputnik was a momentous Cold War event. The US became paranoid about falling behind the USSR in technology and was afraid of the USSR having the power the ability to send satellites into space. It was an escalating point for the tension between the Americans and the Soviets.

McCall was an officer in Egypt at the tender age of 18. He lost his father as a result of a gunshot wound in the back, delivered by a man who had been thought of as a friend and comrade -- an act of betrayal.

He was left alone at that young age, in a strange and foreign land, during a time of historic upheaval. He must have looked to his fellow officers for support and succor. I would think that it was at this time that honor, both in personal actions and professional beliefs, became such a solid part of Robert's personality.

We don't know how many years Robert stayed in Egypt. We can surmise that, as a young man who was all alone, he developed many close personal ties with his fellow officers and to many of the Egyptians with whom he interacted.

In 1955, Churchill's successor, Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, led his party to a second election victory. Eden's tenure as prime minister was cut short by the crisis that followed Egypt's nationalization of the Suez Canal in 1956. British forces had been withdrawn from the canal only a year earlier.

Britain and France invaded Egypt in an attempt to win back control of the Suez Canal in late 1956. This invasion was only stopped by political pressure exerted upon the British by the US and the Soviets.

World opinion condemned this act of war. The episode led both to the loss of much of Britain's remaining influence in the Middle East and to Prime Minister Eden's resignation. The British-American alliance was severely strained. The people of Britain were bitterly divided.

I think we can see how this occurrence perpetrated by his beloved military upon a people that he had close connections to, might warp the sense of reality for Robert. The nation that he so supported and revered, had committed an act upon his friends the Egyptians, that much of the world, including some of his very own peers, deemed dishonorable.

1957 might have been the year that made Robert realize that nothing made sense, that nothing "real" would happen after 1957. The solid world of his childhood, the world where the rules of honor that his father had taught him - had mutated into a world of lies and half truths.

I might go so far as to say that the year 1957 was the year when Robert decided to leave the world that he once knew, and turn to his mother's country of origin where he began the training that would, three years later, bring him to the attention of members of an American covert agency known as "The Company."


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