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Dear Mr. Luck,

>Objective reality died on October 12, 1957. Don't ask me what happened that day.

>The very fact that you want to ask me is deadly proof that you are an uncool, unhip,ill- spoken, pseudo-post-modernist, who is probably riding a stalking horse of latent >absolutism. Let's not start our relationship on the wrong foot.

I am so uncool, so damn unhip, ill-spoken, and pseudo-post-whatever that I am still uncertain as to what happened in 1957.

I am one of those well washed, boring, fans who have been banging our heads together, trying to figure out the significance of the year 1957, ever since you mentioned it in "Splinters" one of the most popular episodes of "The Equalizer."

Don't hurt yourself laughing, but it has been one of the most popular, one of the most fought over, one of the most researched lines from the show.

We thought the main character of the show, Robert McCall, was referring to history when he said that "Nothing real has happened since 1957."

Now we think it has to do with "On The Road", the novel by Jack Kerouac, which was finally published by Viking Press in the States in 1957.

But no one ever thought McCall was a fan of Kerouac.

He quoted so many writers, but Kerouac, not once.

We are still, "uncool, unhip, ill- spoken, pseudo-post-modernist, who is [are] probably riding a stalking horse of latent absolutism." But we still have the small saving grace of wanting to be taught.

Please, have mercy. The Equalizer has already been taken from us, pushed off the airways by A&E.

What the HELL happened in 1957??


Adrienne Katz


Dear Ms. Katz,

You stun me. You don't know what happened in 1957? No, it had nothing to do with Jack Kerouac. Think conspiracy.

Coleman Luck

P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed "Splinters" it was a great deal of fun to write.

Not telling Eh?

You are having far too much fun not disclosing the answer.

You must have been a teacher in another life.

Anyway, I have searched high and low for the answer to October 12, 1957.

It was a Saturday, by the way.

Nothing else -- for that exact date.

Joseph McCarthy died in 1957. And John met Paul for the first time in July of '57. Oswald was in Russia, learning to shoot. Castro was going to make his second try against Batista. Otherwise for 12, October - nothing.

Trying to piece this puzzle together, I gathered a few big hints.

When you were asked about another date you mentioned in The Equalizer -- November 23, 1973 -- You wrote to one of our Equalizer ONElist members in August of 1998:

> I hate to disappoint everyone, but the date I put into the script had no event associated with it that I can recall. It's a nasty little trick of mine in writing. Toss in something like that and drive everybody insane. I did it several times during the series. Hey, I can always fabricate something for you. Or, maybe the date means something to the real Robert McCall and he never told me.

In the "Splinters" episode of The Equalizer you just mentioned the year 1957, but now -- TEN years later, in your "Letters from the Abyss," you mentioned that SAME year -- and a day too.

Think conspiracy, you suggest.

"Nothing real has happened since 1957."

Congratulations, although all of our ONElist Equalizer fans' madness cannot be totally attributed to you, you have indeed driven us insane. I wonder if it would sound too strange to thank you for the lunacy, but thank you.

All of us in the group have, and continue to adore your work from "The Equalizer" and from another favorite television show, "Gabriel's Fire."

If at any time, you would like to let some of your more rabid fans know about any of your new creations, I welcome you to visit us at the ONElist Equalizer discussion email group. Or you could write to me and I will happily pass the information along to the others.

Just keep the same yahoo address, so we know it's really you.

Still uncool, unhip, ill- spoken, pseudo-post-modernist, riding a stalking horse of latent absolutism,

Yours Truly,

Adrienne Katz

02/23/2000 9:04:58 PM Eastern Standard Time

Ms. Katz...

Thank you for the kind words. For the past several years I have been working on various feature film projects, none of which have made it to the screen yet. I haven't been in television since '96. Don't know when I will go back to it, if ever. (Or maybe I'll be back in again in six months. Only God knows.) That side of the business is just too dark and awful at the moment. I live in the mountains near Yosemite, so life here is beautiful.

All the best,

Coleman Luck


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